Foot Worshiping Gay Skinhead Slut

Bulldog Pit

Gotta give it to the brits, when they are nasty, they are really nasty and they don’t get much more depraved, than this pair of skinheads, from BullDogPit, Jason and Jake. Got a sneaker and foot fetish? Jason, the submissive slut, can’t get enough of Jake’s smelly, sneakers and socks – sniffing them, licking them and then sucking on his pungent toes, while Jake barks orders at him. Apparently, smelly sneakers and toes, make a filthy skinhead butthole hungry – Jason’s ass is twitching for cock, begging to be fucked. But, not before he sucks on dominant Jake’s meat, getting it hard and ready to plow that slutty hole. After a good, hard fucking, Jake fires a hot load, all over Jason’s face […]

Hot jock services sexy beefy bald top

In case you haven’t noticed, Bulldog Pit has refined the concept behind their videos lately and is doing a lot of daddy/boy videos with hot masculine older tops and younger, submissive, jock bottoms. This week’s video with beefy daddy top Carlo Cox getting serviced by totally fuckable bottom boy Benjamine O’Neil is a great example of what I’m taking about. It’s not a huge age difference, but enough to put a power dynamic into their sex and really accentuate Carlo’s role as a dom top and Ben’s role as a good sub bottom.

Carlo is perfect as a dom top… He’s got a great muscular but stocky build, a wonderfully hairy chest, looks like he hasn’t shaved in a few days, has a shaved head – in other words, pretty much the perfect top. Benjamin compliments Carlo perfectly – dropping to his knees and sucking on Carlo’s prick, then giving Carlo his hole to fuck with a dildo and then taking Carlo’s cock […]

Blindfolded Pig Gets Used

Want to have a more intense sexual experience? Try being blindfolded like Zack Elias in this video from… Being blindfolded affects bottoms in a number of ways. First is the unpredictability – you never know what is coming next. Another way is psychologically since you’re much more at the mercy of your top who’s in control and guiding your every sensation.
Leathered up in boots and harness, hairy stud Rob Easton descends to where his boy Zack is held. Rob face fucks bottom boy Zack and does a really deep rimming of Zack’s primo smooth hole. Eventually the blindfold comes off, but that doesn’t mean things let up any. Rob starts fucking Zack with a dildo stretching out his hole and the hot sub bottom ready for more.
Then Rob gives Zack the full force of his thick meat and slams into him hard. Zack yelps but Rob doesn’t let up. He likes his boy to be in a little pain. Apparently the dildo didn’t loosen the boy’s hole enough (not like that’s actually a problem).

Well armed in the cock department

These hungry - well armed in the cock department - lads suck and slurp in a frenzy of anonymous sleaze with the Ben Rogers getting hard shafted by the two others resulting in a flurry of cum over his worn hole and sperm hungry lips. Filthy slags!
Ben Rogers, with his closely cropped hair, is at the bus stop seeing off his girlfriend when along comes scally slut Darian Hawke who gives him the once over and invites him for a shag in a nearby warehouse. But they’re followed by slick Danny Phoenix. Before long, the three are stripped down sucking and slurping noisily on each other’s big British cocks. Ben, in particular, must be tired of pussy because he starts sucking on both Danny and Darren. After a lot of heavy duty cocksucking and butt munching, Ben winds up getting the shaft from each of his new mates before they spew all over Ben’s abused fuckhole.