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Jack Griffin Fucks Darren Ray – Jack Griffin gets to be the lucky dude to break in a very hot virgin ass. Darren Ray had shown us his stuff in a solo last fall, and thankfully he was available to get his hole abused by one of CollegeDudes′ hottest guys! Darren needs no assistance in gobling down a big thick cock, and turns out to be an extremely hot cocksucker. Jack gets very primed up with Darrens mouth around his pole, slurping up and down and taking it deep into his throat. Jack takes a real liking to Darrens bubble butt though, especially when it is shoved up into his face. After loosening up Darren, Jack rides this hottie like he would ride a wild bull, before flipping Darren over and fucking the cum out of him. Another hot virgin-busting scene […]

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Ryan Holtz is back this week for some more ass pounding, and Bryan Cavallo is just the right top. After getting his ass destroyed by Carter a while back, we were not sure Ryan would want to come back, but apparently Ryan is getting to like having his hole nailed by a hot cock, and in this scene both dudes are on fire. The blowjobs between these two are hot as can be, maybe because they are both uncut and thus know how to pleasure each other better? After taking some dick down the throat, Bryan flips Ryan up on the bed and gives him a fingering he will not forget, and then Bryan proceeds to slam fuck Ryan against the wall. It is pretty obvious that Ryan has not had any since Carter, because he winces a little at first – once Ryan is warmed up, however, he hops on Bryan and his eight inches and takes cock like the best of them. Bryan finishes off his 18 year old fuck toy by bathing him with a hot load of cum. Great fuck […]

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Chad Davis Fucks Felix Sharpe
We have been waiting quite a while to get Felix Sharpe back for some hot action – thankfully summer break has begun, and we were able to fly him out ASAP after his last final. Chad Davis is our resident newbie, and though Felix had some reservations initially about Chads thick one, the minute these two get together it is all about Felix enjoying the cock. As Felix is licking, slurping, and sucking off Chad, you can really sense how much he likes dick in his mouth, but when Chad invites Felix to hop on for a ride, all the stops come out, and Felix rides Chad all the way up and down with fervor. We may have a new star on our hands! Chad flips Felix over and fucks the cum out of him before releasing his own juicy load. Passionate boy-on-boy scene […]

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After Scott Isaac dazzled Randy Blue with his ability to use a Fleshjack, the team have been begging him to come back and fuck some ass. Scott has a very large, thick cock that makes him perfect for porn. Luckily, out of the blue he texted them a few weeks ago and said he was in. Cristian Ray had seen his solo and was really excited about getting pounded by Scott and his giant dick. Scott and Cristian both clicked right away, and it seemed like Cristian could not wait to be full of Scotts cock. After these two hotties trade really nice blowjobs, Cristian takes over and teaches Scott how to fuck a nice piece of boy-ass. It is really incredible how Cristian moves his ass, riding Scott, then getting on his knees and backing up onto him. Scott has a look of wonder and pleasure on his face throughout […]

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Tucker Vaughn, more than any other model we have worked with recently, seems to absolutely relish getting fucked – and getting fucked hard! Tony Falco and Tucker have such amazing chemistry in this scene, right from the beginning when they are making out, through Tucker giving Tony what he described later as one of the best blow jobs of his life, through to some incredible ass-plowing. After Tony loosens Tuckers hole, he plows right in to Tuckers very pink tight asshole and does not stop the intensity from that point on. Tucker rides Tony like he has never felt such pleasure before, and after Tony flips Tucker onto his back, they both explode huge cumloads for an extremely happy ending. Hot Fuck!

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Hayden Wolfe is CollegeDudes’ resident ass-destroyer, with his truly massive dick and his love for fucking tight holes. Super bottom twink boy Rob Ryder gives Hayden a ride in this exciting fuck scene. Rob must be really coming to enjoy cock more than I ever thought, because as Rob is blowing Hayden it is like he is making love to that fat dick with his mouth and tongue. Hayden loosens Rob up and proceeds to ram Rob with all the power he has – Hayden pretty much rips into Robs nice little pink hole with lots of spunk! Rob tries riding Haydens monster cock, and then Hayden flips Rob onto his back for another several minutes of pure pounding. After getting his hole abused for so long, Rob surprises us all by gulping down Haydens big cum load. Very hot scene!

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For months, CollegeDudes fans have been wondering when Carter Nash would be fucking Logan Birch. With two hot, young guys like these, we knew this scene was bound to be spectacular. Carter gets a hot deep blow job from Logan, and then he flips this 18 year old boy over for an intense ass-rimming. I think this must be the best rim job Logan has had judging from the look on his face and the moans that he gives up. Pink ass hole primed, Logan sits on Carters thick dick and rides like he is in heat! Logan does a lot of bouncing up and down, but it is really hot when he inches Carter all the way inside him balls deep – and he is still beggin for more. Then Carter flips Logan over and continues to fuck away at Logan’s ass until Logan jizzes all over himself. Carter hops over and delivers a spectacular cum facial – I’ve not seen a face covered in this much cum in the last months. Carter licks some over his own cum off of Logan before they end with a passionate kiss. Hot Scene – Carter Nash Fucks Logan Birch!