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Another fetching tree of a man, the opulently tattooed Manuel Blanco, needs a light for his cigarette, but slender Richard Pene can’t help him with that. He can help him have sex, though. Manuel gets to the bulge in Richard’s pants first, but doesn’t suck it directly, instead letting Richard suck him first. He eventually gets busy on Richard’s curving cock, right below a grand ab tattoo. Richard’s pert little ass begs for a fuck, so after Manuel licks it a bit, he takes advantage of that begging…

Manuel Blanco and Richard Pene:

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… He slams in very deep, bending Richard over all the way. Richard does even better fucking the hairy Manuel.

Diego Velasco and Juan Pene:

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Good looking boyish Juan Pene is sitting by himself with a goofy-looking Diego Velasco accuses him of waiting for sex. It may not be true, but why not let it happen? So, Juan works hard on Diego’s ultra-thick cock. It’s bigger than his face! At least as impressive is how it fits in the tiny Juan’s ass, but Diego gives him a very good penetrating ass whomp with his weapon.

Carlos Sanchez & Alfonso Rosas:

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It’s another fantasy come to life as Tommy walks in on Carlos Sanchez getting a massage from Alfonso Rosas. After some work on his back Carlos flips over and his impressive boner shows Alfonso just how much he’s enjoying the rubdown. Alfonso gives him a great blowjob accompanied by plenty of dirty talk. Before long Carlos has his face in Alfonso’s crack getting it ready for the fuck he’s about to throw it. Carlos is the kind of loud top that can make you cum just listening to him.

Gaspar Farao & Rafael Ferreira:

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Walking along the corridors that are dark-skinned Gaspar Farao and boyish Rafael Ferreira. Both are looking for a place to fuck, open and honest about it. When they get there, Rafael goes immediately for Gaspar’s colossal cock. Gaspar face-fucks him gently to get some more in there, but only so much of it can possibly fit! So, it’s off to the fuck where Rafael’s fuzz-covered ass gets it good from a spunky Gaspar, who isn’t at all afraid of some speed, despite his bottom’s worried face.

Local men’s sex club:

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You’re in hot water, make bubbles. The jacuzzi at the local men’s sex club is the scene for the next hot scene. There are four guys in this scene, but over FIFTY inches of cocks are displayed for the viewers delight. Two smooth, super-dark hunks attack Fernam de Souza’s mouth and ass with their gargantuan dicks. In fact, it is obvious at one point that the bottom’s arm and wrist are smaller than the cocks he finally manages to take into his mouth and ass. It’s a miracle that the first bottom is alive when they are done with him. Then we are treated to another fuck session by an equally adorable bottom who had been watching on the sidelines of the jacuzzi the entire time. Soon, the entire room is filled with the smelly sex scent of white cum on dark, sweaty skin.

Antonio Bello & Samuel Jacques:

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Biker boy Antonio Bello and fresh-faced newbie Samuel Jacques are just beginning their suck session when the viewer discovers our sexy Brazilians behind the bushes. Evidently pretty-boy Samuel is as talented in taking cock down his throat as he is at filling his amazonian ass with de-licious dongs. The exotically-inked top crams his friend’s cheek-hole and then sprays him with a cum bath all over his glistening abs. The sweet-talking latino twinks’ final make-out session is interrupted, however, by the big-sticked guard. The run-away top isn’t as lucky as the dreamy bottom, who takes it up the butt big-time in every imaginable angle! Horny Jungle Guard Bruno Loronha finally gets his jungle dream cum true as he demeans his captive wild-caught animal with a greasy fucking session and a second creaming. He at least allows his bottom-boy to eject his own sweet load before he humiliates his captor by making him run away stark naked!

Rodrigo Lobo & Antonio Gallvam:

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Onto the beach strolls the super scorching Rodrigo Lobo, inked and pierced, with some blond flecks in his hair, going right over to a chin-up bar and doing a whole lot of workout shirtless. This absolute dreamboat finds his way to the bar where über-twink Antonio Gallvam is having a water to cool down. Unashamed, Antonio silently flirts with the hunk, who stuffs his hands down his pants just as teasingly. The pesky bartender sticks around, so they head into the toilet stall for some alone time. With oodles of energy, Antonio gets cracking on Rodrigo’s dick. The thin kid isn’t afraid of all those inches and does an excellent job. They move to less cramped quarters where Antonio has easier access to Rodrigo and continues his sucking. Naturally Antonio can’t wait to give his ass over to Rodrigo, who pokes around at it with his cockhead until finally inserting it. It turns out Antonio is a bottoming wiz as well, effortlessly taking a darn harsh fuck from big-dicked Rodrigo and cooing along happily. Luckily, these two are awarded the honor of a second position, where a very oiled Rodrigo grinds his way into Antonio missionary, and the two seem to love every minute of it. Both spill on Antonio’s stomach.

Gregorio Guerro & Manuel Lozano:

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How Tommy has lasted this long is the question. He next happens upon Gregorio Guerrero and Manuel Lozano relaxing in a video lounge. Gregorio is like Adonis come to life. His thick muscles and hard body are only enhanced by his beautiful face and huge dick. Manuel seems to agree. He has his greedy mouth all over that body and beautiful meat before taking Gregorio’s fuckstick up his ass. These guys really seem to enjoy each other and it makes it all the hotter to watch. Manuel wraps his hole around Gregorio’s cock in position after position before the hot studs jack off on the coffee table. I feel there needs to be some talk about wasted cum. I’d much rather be there to recycle that protein than see it go to waste.

Richard Pene & Gomez Aguilar:

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In a kitchen even more unprepossessing than the one in the second scene, handsome Richard Pene decides to call Gomez Aguilar to help fix it up. Gomez seems a tad older than many of the models, but beefy and absolutely hunky. Richard is a smaller reedier guy, so the daddy-boy factor adds to the heat. Gomez gets on a ladder and Richard ends up undressing him down to his unbelievably extra large dark dick. This one would need two mouths conservatively to deep-throat it, but Richard works as hard as anyone could. How that will fit in his ass, I have no idea. Richard, packing mighty down there too, has a sweet ass and bends it over for his scary friend. Richard begs Gomez to go slow. He does, but he also manages to park the entire cock in Richard and then fuck with speed! This fuck is a definite keeper, if for no other reason than the fact that it happens, but it also helps that Gomez is a knowing top and keeps socking away at Richard with skill. Gomez is apparently so good that he gets a second position, a table-rocking missionary that gets them to cum.

Felipe Pietro busts a nut:

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Felipe’s huge, uncut cock dangles between his legs as he showers, and then he dries off and strokes his meat to full erection on the countertop, next to the mirror. Felipe’s pole, sometimes seen from two angles, thanks to the mirror, is a size queen’s dream, long, thick at the base, and slightly tapered at the tip, and crowned with a lot of foreskin, it is really a beauty. His load blasts out and hits his chest when he shoots, and Felipe, still breathing heavily, rubs his cum into his chest and stomach as the scene fades out.

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