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ROD DAILY – Reflection:

Rod Daily is sleeping away on a lazy afternoon, shifting in his sleep as his restless libido kicks into overtime. No telling what he’s dreaming about, but the reverie must be pretty intense, because when he wakes up, his lust is insatiable and his dick is standing at full mast. Rising up to meet his member, Rod slowly fondles his crotch as he stirs awake. Stroking his cock from his back, he sits up and gets on his knees as he focuses more intently on milking his snake. Catching his own reflection in the mirror, Rod gets up and saunters over to it, his cock reflected hard and shiny as he continues to flog it into submission, finally exploding all over the mirror in a sleepy explosion of jizz. Now that’s how to start your afternoon.

DAILY REFLECTION - Stud Rod Daily wakes from a nap and jerks off in the mirror on hardcore pics and videos
Rod Daily in Daily Reflection on video:
Rod Daily in Daily Reflection on free video!

AUSTIN WILDE – Stark Raving Wilde:

Join well-hung pornstar Austin Wilde as he fires up some extremely hot, very sensual action, with the incredibly sexy Andrew Stark. They’re hanging out on the couch, getting to know each other a little better. Andrew is a body painter by trade, so he definitely knows how to work his way around Austin’s super-tight physique. And once you see the hard, fat cock on Andrew, you’ll understand why Austin’s been so excited to get a piece of this man. First you’ll see Andrew get a taste of Austin’s throbbing dick, then Austin goes for a taste of Andrew’s meaty ass. Austin is enjoying every part of this hunk, as he sucks him from underneath. Then it’s time for Andrew to fuck Austin’s eager hole. Andrew’s pounding him hard, grabbing his arms and unleashing all his power. Then see Andrew jack Austin’s bulging cock to an extra-explosive finish, while still slamming his tight hole!

Stark Raving Wilde on video:
Stark Raving Wilde - Austin Wilde's been so excited to get a piece of sexy Andrew Stark on free video!
Austin Wilde’s been so excited to get a piece of sexy Andrew Stark

Next Door Buddies – Suds & Studs and Doctor Knows Best:

Vinny Castillo and Johnny Torque are surprised in this impromptu hardcore scene in the bathroom. Vinny seems to be a natural as Johnny exits the shower and begins to blow him. Slobbering all over Vinny’s cock in a throbbing, gagging mess, Vinny is visually turned on and as Johnny strokes his cock, it becomes obvious neither one will be able to hold out for very long. So rather than try, both of them blow a quick juicy load all over Vinny, and still wanting more, Johnny goes right back to work, slamming Vinny’s cock against the back of his throat as Vinny grabs the back of his head and fucks his mouth even harder & deeper, his legs still glistening from the jizz already on it. And as Johnny sucks and strokes, it becomes obvious there is more to cum, so they both lean back and simultaneously explode for a second time. It’s a double cum shot extravaganza. Seems like impromptu is the way to go!

Suds & Studs - Dont miss this must-see orgy with your fave Next Door guys on hardcore pics and videos
Suds & Studs on video:
Suds & Studs - Dont miss this must-see orgy with your fave Next Door guys on free video!
Don’t miss this must-see orgy with your fave Next Door guys

Next Door Buddies – Doctor Knows Best on video:
Doctor Knows Best - After inspecting his injury Bradley Hudson instructs Lance Alexander to strip on free video!
After inspecting his injury Bradley instructs Lance to strip
Lance Alexander is a tough, hit-em-hard rugby player. He’s sustained an injury to his thigh that’s concerned him enough to visit a student doctor over at the local university. To Lance’s surprise, the doctor in training, a guy by the name of Bradley Hudson, is quite a hottie! Bradley is a gentle, concerned medical type that appreciates that has appreciated the male body since his very first anatomy class. He’s impressed with Lance’s amazingly toned physique. After inspecting the injured muscle, he instructs Lance to remove his shorts and underwear so he can get a better handle on the situation. But once the undies come off, all professionalism goes out the window! Bradley doesn’t hesitate to take Lance’s enormous dick in his mouth. You won’t believe this powerful, gorgeous cock. After some deep, passionate sucking, it’s Dr. Bradley’s turn to enjoy some hot fellatio. Lance knows how to return a favor, slurping madly on his doc’s member. Then observe as Lance takes Bradley’s firm erection for a solid, examination room pounding. The doctor is in

Cody Cummings – Creative Juices

Italian Stallion Cody Cummings has recently received an honorary PhD in Literature from a fairly prestigious university on the West Coast. As an effort to give something back, he’s agreed to tutor students in his free time. On this occasion, we find him at the home of diligent and aspiring Jay Cloud. Jay has been struggling with a case of writers block lately and he has a composition due in just a couple days. He’s very grateful to have a mentor like Cody to help him clear his mind.After a little work, Cody can see Jay is dealing with stress. He rubs his shoulders to help him loosen up a little. The guys decide that taking off their shirts will certainly aid in the process of relaxation. The sight of Dr. Cummings’s bare chest and arms causes a sudden swelling in Jay’s cock. Cody recognizes a unique look in Jay’s face. It’s a look that shows he desires a healthy, fat dick in his mouth. Cody is here for one reason, to help Jay in any way he can to break through and find creative inspiration. If allowing him to suck his bulging erection is the answer, Dr. Cummings is willing to do it! Watch Jay let his worries melt away while he enjoys Cody’s fat dong sliding between his lips, in and out of his mouth, all the way down his throat. You’ll see why Cody’s method for stirring creative juices is so effective.

Cody Cummings in CUMMINGS IN PRIVATE on hardcore pics and videos
Cody Cummings & Jay Cloud in CREATIVE JUICES on video:
Cody Cummings in Creative Juices - Sexy tutor Cody Cummings helps a student relieve some stress on free video!
Watch The Full Scene Here!
Creative Juices – Sexy tutor Cody Cummings helps student Jay Cloud relieve some stress


Dane Riley and his friend Trevor Laster are two young guys who’ve come up with a scheme they hope will accomplish two things. They’re making a series of erotic videos for which they’re hoping guys on the net will pay to watch. Secondly, they’re hoping to receive at least a few responses from other hotties that want to actually PARTICIPATE in the making of future ‘films.’ Although they know that if either any of their parents, or anyone at school found out, they’d be dead meat, these boys are fearless. They want cash AND they want to get their hands on new, fresh cock. Their goal is not only to make a few movies, but to cultivate tens, hundreds, eventually thousands of stars, all funneling their content through the two of them. And all will be shot by and of amateurs, just like themselves. Watch as Dane records Trevor jerking his fat cock on camera. Then see Dane take Trevor’s erect dick and stroke it himself, videotaping all the while. Then Dane puts his mouth around Trevor’s bulging meat and sucks it passionately. Trevor takes the camera to get a POV shot for the film. Then the boys switch, Trevor eagerly slurping down on Dane’s stiffie. But it won’t be over until Dane has penetrated Trevor’s tight asshole with his big, hard boner. See this ambitious duo make a run for the big time as they crank up some hot action!

HOME VIDEO – Trevor Laster & Dane Riley on video:
HOME VIDEO - Twinks Trevor Laster & Dane Riley make an ass pumpin sextape on free video!
Watch The Full Scene Here!
Twinks Trevor Laster & Dane Riley make an ass pumpin sextape!

Tyler Sweet is in the middle of his daily run on a beautiful morning, as Grant Peters slumbers away peacefully in bed. Getting the run out of his system is only half of Tyler’s daily workout. As Grant sleeps uncovered, Tyler begins to plot the second part of his workout, rubbing Grant’s feet and legs and gently stirring Grant awake. He does so instantly and slips out of his shorts, allowing Tyler to grab his cock and start stroking, kissing up the sides of Grant’s body as he turns him over and begins to tongue him between his cheeks. Moistening up Grant’s hole gets Tyler’s dick worked up, so he plunges it deep inside of Grant as his chest moves up and down along Grant’s back. Grant arches his spine and sticks his ass out as Tyler straightens up and pounds him with earnest abandon, and Grant moans from the pleasure as Tyler tries to control himself. Flipping over, Tyler lays on his back as Grant rides him and strokes his dick, and the sweet sensation fucks the cum right out of Grant as Tyler continues to grind away from the bottom, pulling out and cumming all over Grant’s back, while outside it begins to warm up and the day begins.

MORNING BLAST – Tyler Sweet & Grant Peters on video:
MORNING BLAST - Twinks Tyler Sweet wakes Grant Peters up and gives his dick a morning warm-up on free video!
Watch The Full Scene Here!
Tyler Sweet wakes Grant Peters up and gives his dick a morning warm-up!


Real-life partners Tate Ryder and Trenton Ducati show us what happens when they get behind closed doors. Trenton calls Tate ‘baby’ as he shoves his huge, fat cock down his throat then throws him on his knees to eat out Tate’s big bubble-butt. Tate reaches round to finger his own hole which drives Trenton crazy until he takes over and finger-bangs Tate’s hole. Trenton licks Tate’s hole all the way down to the tip of the shaft of his big Aussie cock. Tate stands up and face-fucks Trenton then lies down and begs him to fuck him. Trenton pounds Tate and asks ‘want me to fuck you till you cum, piggy?’ and Tate does, then eats it. Fucking hot!

Real Life partners Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati fuck session on hardcore pics and videos
Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati fuck session on video:
Real Life partners Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati fuck session on free video!
Watch The Full Scene Here!
Real Life partners Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati fuck session

Jimmy Durano’s in the locker room taking a whiz at the trough urinal. Tate Ryder’s behind him at his locker, trying not to get caught as he sneaks a peek at the hot yellow stream coming out of the Brazilian’s uncut cock. Jimmy shakes, zips and leaves and Tate pulls up to add his stream to the mix when Trenton Ducati slips up behind and startles Tate. Tate resists at first but gives in when Trenton goes down to eat his ass out. Trenton flips him around and starts sucking on the studs giant long cock, covering it with spit to get him moaning. Tate finally gets so worked up that he begs to suck Trenton’s big rock hard cock. The cock-sucking gets both ready for a real workout so Tate hikes his leg up on the trough and Trenton mounts him from behind, fucking him into a frenzy. They move to a work bench where Trenton continues to assault the hot young stud’s asshole before they both shoot their wads all over Tate’s chest.

Tools of Trade – Tate Ryder & Trenton Ducati on video:
TOOLS OF TRADE - Trenton Ducati fucks Tate Ryder into a frenzy in the lockers on free video!
Watch The Full Scene Here!
Trenton Ducati fucks Tate Ryder into a frenzy in the lockers!

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