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Elite enforcers of all things kink: this is Fetish Force. You’ll find a team of hardcore specialists primed and ready to pull off some of the most extreme sexual exploits on the net, appealing to every dirty fantasy their members could ever hope to see! Click HERE to preview. Bookmark Fetish Force Here!


Instructional Sounding – Part Two
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Tony Bluff and Cameron Adams into hot sounding on video #2
Tony Bluff and Cameron Adams continue their lesson on the art of sounding in this part two video. Get to know more of the nitty gritty surrounding the fetish and watch the experts at work. CLICK HERE!


Instructional Sounding – Part One
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Tony Bluff and Cameron Adams into hot sounding on video #1
No doubt you’ve been intrigued by one of the more extreme fetishes we present, sounding. Here’s your chance to see how the professionals do it, as Cameron Adams & Tony Bluff run through the basics of this most unusual of sexual practices. CLICK HERE!


Damian Rios and Dan Rhodes
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Damian Rios and Dan Rhodes on Fetish Force
Ink-loving Damian Rios sucks Dan’s incredible and gorgeous uncircumcised meat, his tongue gauging deep into Dan’s foreskin as this video begins. Dan’s black rubber clad hands glide all over Damian’s beautiful tattooed flesh as he pulls open Rios’s supple cheeks. His huge cock slides in and out of Damian, fucking him hard and long. CLICK HERE!


Logan Scott and Nick Moretti
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Logan Scott and Nick Moretti on Fetish Force
Logan Scott is fettered and flogged by Nick Moretti as this steamy play session begins. The flogging may have warmed Logan up, but it’s Moretti’s hard cock that has the bottom choked-up and drooling on the floor with his hands now shackled to his ankles. After moving Scott to a fuck box, Moretti eats the bottom’s ass and then fucks him hard from behind and then with Scott’s boots in the air and the tempo builds until Scott’s torso is covered in cum. CLICK HERE!


Dave Grey
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Dave Grey is pushing his cock to breaking point with that long piece of metal rod.
Dave Grey is a master of leather and sage of sounds in this video. Pushing his cock to breaking point with that long piece of metal, he’ll have your mouth hitting the floor in awe of his awesome skills. Don’t miss this stunning performance complete with hot toy play. CLICK HERE!


Derrick Hanson
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Derrick Hanson grabs a toy for some deep, aggressive sounding and then takes out a piss bag hooked up to a catheter.
Derrick lays back to let us enjoy his muscled body, stroking his meant and rubbing his nipples. He looks at the camera, grabs a toy or two for some deep, aggressive sounding and then takes out a piss bag hooked up to a catheter. He pulls the sound out of his dick and then inserts the catheter all the way up into his gut till piss streams through the clear tube and fills the bag. Its so intense that this finally wears Derrick out – but not enough to ensure he won’t end with a giant orgasm. CLICK HERE!


Element Eclipse & Malik Romero – 2
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All-kink hardcore fun with big-dicked Element Eclipse & Malik starring in a dark sequel.
The interracial action continues with Element and Malik as this peg-loving duo continue their fetish love-in that had so many of you crying out for more last month. It’s all extreme, all-kink and all hardcore fun as the big-dicked pair star in their dark sequel. CLICK HERE!


Joey Caruso
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Joey Caruso impales his cock on the metal rod on free video!
Joey Caruso has no problem mastering this sounding session video as he lays back on the hospital bed and impales his cock on the metal rod. Watch as he skillfully slides it in and ripples with pleasure as it stretches his piss hole wide. CLICK HERE!


Kennedy Carter & Jake Tyler
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Kennedy Carter & Jake Tyler with piss-filled video.
Kennedy rips open Jakes short to reveal the perfect ass for this piss-filled video. Jake in turn tears into Kennedy’s clothes to get a his thick uncut cock. Before he rides his top, Jake unleashes a stream of piss then climbs aboard. Jake pumps on Kennedy’s hard dick before Kennedy takes Jake on his back so they can look deep into each other, eye to eye, until both men coat each other with cum. CLICK HERE!


Wilfried Knight & Colin Steele
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Watch as Colin Steele discovers ecstasy as a sounding virgin taking his first rod.
When you think of fetish movies, you don’t normally think of world class porn superstars with like Wilfried Knight. So this video is a treat if only for the quality of the men. But hot guys can be twisted, and Wilfried is one twisted fucker. Colin, on the other hand, has never really done sounding before – so this is his first time. Watch as he discovers over-the-top ecstasy as a sounding virgin taking his first rod. His dick will never be the same. CLICK HERE!


Christopher Darling, Brandon X and Dr. Benway
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Christopher Darling, Brandon X and Dr. Benway - intense CBT
Christopher Darling has taken two strangers hostage, one to use and one to love. He’s strapped Benway into a dentists chair, and jacked open his jaw with dental appliances. After wiring Brandon to the television in hopes of scrambling his brain to make him fall in love, he initiates some intense CBT on his little pig fucker Benway, appropriately tattooed FAGGOT across his sexy little paunch. CLICK HERE!


Tommy Defendi & Steve Stavrou
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Tommy Defendi & Steve Stavrou - streams of piss
Steve Stavrou is the perfect submissive, on his knees at the feet of super hung Tommy Defendi and ready to serve. He’s a hungry cocksucker but more than hungry he’s a thirsty Private! Eagerly and still on his knees sucking his top, he lets out stream of piss all over himself. Tommy responds by unleashing a torrent of piss all over Steve then takes dominion over his ass. It’s a power fuck all the way with these two. CLICK HERE!


Element Eclipse & Malik Romero
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Element Eclipse & Malik - interracial action, massive dicks!
Interracial action, massive dicks and a penchant for pegs: this hardcore video has it all. Watch this extreme duo go at it with some of the most painful (and pleasurable) contact you’ll have ever seen. Strap-in – just like our pegged star Element – and enjoy the ride. CLICK HERE!


Ricky Sinz, Conner Habib and RJ Danvers
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Ricky Sinz, Conner Habib and RJ Danvers - hell of a fetish-laden ride!
This full-on threesome features three rear stable favourites in one seriously kinky encounter. Beginning with two mysteriously leather-clad dog-boys (Danvers and Habib), their master (Sinz) is holding them by leashes to keep those insatiable sexual appetites under control. Ricky then pulls the tail butt-plugs in and out of his canine companions before Conner fucks RJ’s well-trained ass. Conner?s cute tail wiggles all around as he fucks him hard and then Ricky gets in on the action by fucking Conner. Hold on to your horses, this video is one hell of a fetish-laden ride. CLICK HERE!


Paul Wagner & Scott Tanner
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Tommy Defendi & Steve Stavrou - streams of piss
Paul Wagner and Scott Tanner grope each other through their baseball uniforms in the backroom at Jock Night at Chaps. They deep kiss, grope and spit in each other mouths before Paul forces Scott to his knees and takes out his cock. A stream of hot piss coats Tanner’s face, throat, and torso. Tanner then chows down on Wagner’s thick cock getting it all wet with his saliva. Tanner spews a thick yellow strip of piss covering Wagner’s boyish face and over his chest soaking his T-shirt until it’s piss-soaked. Think that’s good? wait till he lifts Paul’s legs and pisses on his hole, rims it then fucks him while he pisses all over himself. CLICK HERE!


Montaz Morgan
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Montaz Morgan tugs on his freshly tattooed cock.
There are not many men that’d be brave enough to get his cock tattooed. Nice as finished artwork looks, Montaz Morgan is still a fetish champion. Check him out with that impressive ink job in this solo video where he tugs on his freshly printed tool so we can see the artwork in action. CLICK HERE!


Race Cooper & Drake Jayden
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Race Cooper & Drake Jayden - taking piss and getting fucked
Race Cooper is met by piss bottom Drake Jayden in this video – on his knees in front of the toilet, ready to take his piss, no less. Jayden drinks Cooper’s liquid gold then proceeds to suck on his thick black cock.They switch positions and this time Jayden pulls out his thick man hose and wets more than Cooper’s appetite. Piss pig Jayden can’t get enough! He removes his piss soaked shirt and rings Cooper’s piss from it into his mouth, then leans back to coat himself with his own piss from his cock. Cooper sucks him, rims him, then pisses on this ass before he stick his thick cock into Jaden as he leans holding onto the porcelain sink. Jaden then bends Cooper over the toilet and soaks Cooper’s hole then fucks him like a wild dog. CLICK HERE!


Steve Parker, Lance Gear & Brendan Austen
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Steve Parker, Lance Gear & Brendan Austen - flogging, leather and BDSM play
Talk about a drill sargeant from hell! Lance Gear puts Brendan Austen and Steve Parker through their paces with some flogging, leather and BDSM play in this kinky action set. CLICK HERE!


Anthony Drago & Derek da Silva
Now here’s an action set that needs to be seen to be believed: we’ve had plenty of guys tackle the notorious fetish of sounding on our site, but never one willing to go as far with muliple sounds as the skilled performer in this set. CLICK HERE!


Derrick Hanson and Tony Bishop
Derrick and Tony really push the envelope with this sounding scene, where they stick thesteel rod down down their cocks. Both guys fuck their cocks silly with the iron rods, their tools rock hard and wanting more. Not enough? How about Derrick and Tony fucking each other on a single, double ended sound, yep, you heard correctly. This is fetish footage at its best. CLICK HERE!


Alessio Romero & Josh West
Hard and horny, Josh West pulls out his engorged cock and begins to stroke it for Alessio Romero before he drops to his knees to take West’s large member into his waiting mouth. West soon needs to relieve himself and pulls his cock from Romero’s mouth and pisses in it. Romero laps up as much as he can but it’s too much to consume. After the stream has ended, Romero goes back to sucking to get every last drop from West’s thick man meat. Now its Romero’s turn he stands up and pisses all over West’s cock then drops back to his knees and sucks up his own piss. CLICK HERE


Danny Mann & Ken Braun
Here we find Danny Mann playing whipping boy to muscle daddy supreme Ken Braun. The two waste no time and Mann hangs onto a post, presenting his back to the flogging skills of Braun. The camera swoops and dives around the action, peering from hidden spaces capturing every swing of this ballet of power and will. Danny turns the tables and its Ken’s turn to give up the goods–in this case, his rock-hard muscle ass. First with hefty dildos, then with a determined dick, Brauns butt takes a bombardment of epic proportions, proving versatility can mean a lot of things. When the two climax, even the building lets go a sigh. CLICK HERE


Sky Devil
Superstar Sky Devil has a nine inch cock and he takes about 12 inches of steel pipe up his piss tube. As he moves to thicker and thicker rods, he starts pumping away, rolling his eyes with the intensity of the moment! Finally he pulls the rod out and shows us his gaping piss hole and then shoots the biggest load of white hot jizz that we have ever seen. CLICK HERE


Lee Mane & Mick Powers
Here’s a kinky encounter that’s all about the journey, not the destination. Lee and Mick explore leather, sucking, rimming, dick pumps, muscle worship, tit play, deep kissing and fucking, all within their one-on-one. Musclebound Lee takes over from the beginning and MIck shows us what servicing dick and manmeat is all about. A prime example of what happens when you let the inner beast out. CLICK HERE


Chris Ward, Simon Cox, Logan Grey, Matt McGrath, Justin Southall
Leather daddy Chris Ward delivering a thorough lashing to beautiful blackman-in-bondage Simon Cox (in his first film!). Shocking in the extreme, this scene is the fitting finale to Ward’s career as a porn star. CLICK HERE


Logan McCree, Ricky Sinz & Scott Tanner
Logan and Rick force Scott Tanner into some rough sex in this video. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his clothes. Logan and Rick then beat and abuse Tanner using their fists and their strength and their dicks. As the forced encounter ends, all three men cum and the screaming begins to subside. CLICK HERE


Will Clark & Tony Scalia
A fine piece of fetish fantasy with two leather clad beefcakes, Will Clark and Tony Scalia team-up for some fantastic nipple and toy play that’s going to have your reaching for the tissues very quickly. The tattooed hotties are a dynamic dup not to be missed. CLICK HERE


Antonio Biaggi
Wearing his finest leather outfit, Antonio Biaggi is strapped in tight for this solo, minus his monster of course, which is allowed to roam free. CLICK HERE


Riley Porter & Michael Brandon
Blond bottom Riley Porter’s pink, well used hole gets reamed, first by Brandon’s pointy tongue, then by his massive club of a cock. And oh man is it an impressive fuck; with Porter taking every inch of Brandon’s long dick. CLICK HERE


Vinnie D’Angelo & Logan Mcree
Real-life couple Vinnie D’Angelo and Logan McCree met on the set of another porn film and have been lovers ever since. In this rare glimpse into their sex life, we get to see them flip-flop fucking, dick-sucking and ass-eating. In one of many positions, Vinnie rides Logans hot cock while fucking Logan with a big black dildo – it’s not to be missed. CLICK HERE


Bryce Pierce, Joe Stack, Michael Cory & Boyd Thomas
Joe Stack and his cadre of real leather muscle studs, featuring Bryce Pierce, burn up the video screen in a brutally intense journey to the darkest corners of S&M. Starring Joe Stack, Bryce Pierce, Frank Parker, Michael Corey, and Boyd Thomas CLICK HERE


Bryce Pierce & Robert Black
In this new hardcore video, Bryce Pierce and Robert Black beat, eat, suck, and fuck each other up and down the inside and out, and the S/M fetish bondage is some of the most amazing live pain action ever filmed. CLICK HERE


Miguel Leonn & Sean Storm
This is one nasty fuck and suck featuring Miguel Leonn and Sean Storm, that pig boy from Florida who made a name for himself as a bareback bottom superstar. He really wanted to bareback for us, but we didn’t go quite that far (but you will be shocked at how far we do push the envelope!!!) Even though we didn’t let Sean take Miguel’s juicy load up his ass, we did let him guzzle it down his throat! CLICK HERE


Eric Evans & Brent Baines
Industry icon Eric Evans is having sex with his real life boy friend Brent Baines. These two hairy muscle studs with their amazing world class physics demonstrate the ultimate beauty of macho mansex. The scene focuses around Eric’s award winning chest with its huge muscles and thick fur. Seen in almost every shot–be it fucking, sucking, or any other kind of love making, this chest is the star of the scene. If hairy muscle pecs are your thing, this is as good as it will ever get! CLICK HERE


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